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William C. Wohlforth and Stephen G. Brooks at Sciences Po: American Power's Staying Power: Why Multipolarity is a Myth and Why it Matters?Online & Hybrid Events [PUBLIC]

by William C. Wohlforth (Dartmouth College), Stephen G. Brooks (Dartmouth College), chaired by Hugo Meijer (Sciences Po/EISS)

Sciences Po, 27 Rue Saint-Guillaume, 75007 Paris

We cordially invite you to join a public lecture organised by the EISS and Sciences Po titled "American Power's Staying Power: Why Multipolarity is a Myth and Why it Matters?" The lecture will be delivered by William C. Wohlforth and will be complemented by comments by Stephen G. Brooks both at the Dartmouth College. Hugo Meijer (Sciences Po/EISS) will serve as chair.  The event will take place at Sciences Po in Paris (27 Rue Saint-Guillaume, room Eugène d'Eichtal) and simultaneously on zoom on the 1st of December 2023, from 12h30-14h30 CET. 

Join us on zoom:

About the event 
The global distribution of power is changing, but not as fast as most analysts think. Despite incessant talk of multipolarity, the distribution of power resources in the world remains closer to unipolarity than to either multi- or bipolarity. And this matters: the world is not transitioning to a new system, the ‘Pax Americana’ is not suddenly ending, the United States can sustain a commitment to both European and East Asian stability, and today’s revisionist challenges from Russia and China, while serious, are far less consequential and far more manageable than those of the past.   

William C. Wohlforth is the Daniel Webster Professor of Government at Dartmouth. He is the author or editor of ten books and some 70 articles and book chapters on topics ranging from the Cold War and its end to unipolarity, U.S. grand strategy and US-Russian relations.  He is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and has served as a consultant for the National Intelligence Council. His most recent book, with Stephen Brooks, is America Abroad: The United States’ Global Role in the 21st Century (ppbk, Oxford 2018). His book,  Measures Short of War: A Brief History of Great Power Subversion, with Jill Kastner, is forthcoming from Oxford University Press.

Stephen G. Brooks is a Professor of Government at Dartmouth and a Guest Professor at Stockholm University.  He has also previously held fellowships at Harvard and Princeton.  His research examines two topics: U.S. grand strategy and how economic factors influence security affairs.  He is the author of four books: Producing Security: Multinational Corporations, Globalization, and the Changing Calculus of Conflict (Princeton, 2005); World out of Balance: International Relations and the Challenge of American Primacy (Princeton, 2008), with William Wohlforth; America Abroad: The United States’ Global Role in the 21st Century (Oxford, 2016), with William Wohlforth; and Political Economy of Security (Princeton, forthcoming).  He has published numerous articles in journals such as International Security, International Organization, Foreign Affairs, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Politics, Perspectives on Politics, and Security Studies.  He received his Ph.D. in Political Science with Distinction from Yale University, where his dissertation received the American Political Science Association's Helen Dwight Reid Award for the best doctoral dissertation in international relations, law, and politics.

Organized by

The European Initiative for Security Studies (EISS), Sciences Po